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 Requirements​ for This Course

  Students should meet the following criteria:
    1. Must be 18 years or older.
    2. Have an academic achievement test to 
        demonstrate Grade 12 competency 
        (if required). This test will be provided by 

       Inspection Time Training Career College.​​
       An understanding of the construction 
       industry is beneficial but not necessary

       for this program.
    3. A good understanding of the English 
        language, both speaking and written.


  Step #1 - Fill out the Student Registration    
                 form online and submit.  You will 
                 receive confirmation that you have

                 registered online or have a
                 reserved seat in your chosen class.

  Step #2 - Print off and thoroughly read the   
                 Student Enrollment Contract.
                 Sign and Email the contract back to 
                 us at the email below.  Always make 
                 sure to keep a copy for your records. 

  Step #3 - Pay your deposit. Your balance will

                 be due on the first ay of class.
            Duration of Program 

  17 weeks (1 semester)

  It is possible to complete this program within 
  4-5 weeks, as a full time student.  However,

  you have 17 weeks to complete this course

  and all course requirements.

  You may complete the program anytime 

​  within the 17 week semester.  

     Phone     1(888)308-7779


​​Congratulations on making your decision to enrol with

Inspection Time Training Career College - ITTCC 

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