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Government Approval

Is ITTCC Government Approved?

YES!.  We are approved in Alberta (classroom course combined with home study), Louisiana (classroom and online studies), Mississippi (classroom and online studies).

You will find INSPECTION TIME TRAINING CAREER COLLEGE listed on all of the above listed Government websites.

Enrolling in the course

How do I enroll?

Simply go to our STUDENT REGISTRATION PAGE for Canada or USA and fill out the form.  You will automatically be registered in your chosen course and your seat in the next class will be confirmed.

How soon will I get my first set of books?

If you are taking one of our online courses, the books will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

All students that are enrolled in the classroom course will receive the full set of  books to be used in the course on the first day of class. These books are in PDF form.

Are there any educational or age requirements?

In Canada, you must be at least 18 years old and have equivalent of grade 12.

In the USA, you must be 21 or older and have equivalent of grade 12.

 It is essential that you have a strong understanding of English, both speaking and written.

​Experience in the construction industry is very beneficial.

Is there a deadline for enrolment?

For all classroom courses the deadline is 2 weeks prior to class, however we do have a minimum number of students required to hold a live classroom.  Once you pay your registration fee/deposit - you are considered enrolled in the class you registered for.  There is no deadline for ONLINE courses.

Completing Your studies

How does taking a course with ITTCC work?

  1.  All students must first, fill out the Student Registration Form. 

   2.  Pay your deposit for your area - live classroom only.

   3.  For ONLINE - pay your tuition, your books will be emailed to you in PDF form and you can start

        immediately. You will receive your username and password to complete your multiple choice tests  

        online for each subject.

   4.  For LIVE CLASSROOM - once you are registered you will receive confirmation of your class dates.  

        Your tuition will be due on the first day of class.  Your computer or tablet along with any classroom

        books will be provided to you when you arrive in class.  You will receive most of the course modules by

        email for your home studies.

How long do I have to complete my course?

You have 17 weeks to complete the course.  This includes all Practice Inspections & Inspection Reports. 

This does not include your final Provincial or State exams.

How do I submit exams?

You will complete your exams online and they will automatically be submitted to us.

What is a passing grade?

The passing grade for all exams is 80%.

If I need help with my studies, how can I get it?

Anytime you have a question or concern you can call our toll free number 1-888-308-7779.  One of our instructors or someone in administration will be here to answer your questions. You can also leave a message or email us at and someone will return your call or email with 24 hours.  

Do I need a computer to complete my course?

YES.  You will need a computer to do all your online studies, tests and also do complete your a Home Inspection Report, both in class and to do your practice inspection reports (where applicable).  Fortunately, this is something that we have just introduced to our program.  Included with your course is a FREE computer with all the PDF's for the class modules downloaded and our Home Inspection Software.

Tuition & Payment

How much is the tuition?

Tuition varies within Canada and the USA.  Please check the website for prices in your area or call our toll free number at 1-888-308-7779.

What does my tuition fee include?

Your tuition will include everything you will need to complete this course.  You can find the details by looking on the website for your area.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept the following through Chase Bank on our online cart - Mastercard, Visa, and Debit. 

Do you have a payment plan?

YES!  You have the option of choosing a 3,6 or 12 month plan after paying your initial Registration Fee that is deducted from your total tuition. Processed through Chase Bank.


Frequently Asked Questions

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