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 Requirements​ for This Course

  Students should meet the following criteria:
    1. Must be 18 years or older.
    2. Have an academic achievement test to 
        demonstrate Grade 12 competency 
        (if required). This test will be provided by 

       Inspection Time Training Career College.​​
       An understanding of the construction 
       industry is beneficial but not necessary

       for this program.
    3. A good understanding of the English 
        language, both speaking and written.


  Step #1 - Fill out the Student Registration    
                 form online and submit.  You will 
                 receive confirmation that you have

                 registered online or have a
                 reserved seat in your chosen class.
  Step #2 - Pay your deposit. Your balance will
                 be due on the first ay of class.

  Step #3 - You will receive your Student

                 Enrolment Contract after your deposit

                 is paid to fill out and email back to us.

            Duration of Program 

  17 weeks (1 semester)

  It is possible to complete this program within 
  4-5 weeks, as a full time student.  However,

  you have 17 weeks to complete this course

  and all course requirements.

  You may complete the program anytime 

​  within the 17 week semester.  

     Phone     1(888)308-7779


​​Congratulations on making your decision to enrol with

Inspection Time Training Career College - ITTCC 

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